Success At Surf For 03′ Valencia Atlético Santa Rosa Soccer Club

The San Diego Surf College Cup Showcase was held on November 23-25, 2018 and is a nationally recognized premier tournament, rated among the top two in the United States.

The 03′ Valencia Girls Team played at the SoCal Sports Complex in Oceanside where they competed in front of top colleges from all over the United States. The girls played 3 full-length games, one game per day over the 3 days competing with top teams from the US, winning all three games!!

With more than 500 coaches attending in 2018, the Surf College Cup Showcase continues to be the #1 recruiting event in youth soccer. Great job girls!!

Day 1:

  • Atletico Santa Rosa 03′ Valencia 2 Vs. 1 Walnut Creek 03G Blue

Day 2:

  • La Roca S-AB 1 Vs. 3 Atletico Santa Rosa 03′ Valencia

Day 3:

  • DMCV Sharks G03 NASTIC ECNL 0 Vs. 1 Atletico Santa Rosa 03′ Valencia

2003 Valencia Team

2005 Pumas Team

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