Adolfo Mendoza

Board Member, President


Letter from the Board Members

Atletico Santa Rosa Soccer Club is pleased to celebrate 20 years of success, accomplishments, and service to our community come April 2023.

We are determined to continue being the best Club in this Region. We continue to train and produce players at the highest level. Within our Club we have always distinguished ourselves by being committed to high standards in training our athletes mentally, academically and socially.

The club has fulfilled its mission of training players who excel in national and international Clubs. Atlético Santa Rosa stands out at all levels, be it in sports, community or culture. With exceptional staff members such as Jorge ” El Tote” Castañeda who is Technical Director and Methodology Coordinator and his assistant David “El Capi” Rangel to develop our players.

Our vision includes investing more resources and time to help build a stronger platform for our female athletes and staff. We want to ensure our women athletes have opportunities to continue playing at the collegiate level and beyond.

We are very grateful to everyone who contributes to making Atletico Santa Rosa an elite soccer club. Players, coaches, parents, suppliers and sponsors working together in pursuit of high standards helps us achieve our goals. The active participation and collaboration has allowed our club to continue its success far beyond what we could have imagined.

We are fully committed to doing our best so that the Club continues to excel in our training of players at all levels and supporting our coaches with on-going education. In addition, our goal is to ensure every player can reach their full potential on and off the field. We strive to teach players to be good citizens in our community so that they can be a positive influence for the next generation of players and be proud to be part of the Atletico Santa Rosa community.


Atletico Santa Rosa Board of Directors